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4 Basement Gym Ideas: Design Issues

A lot of people do not clearly understand the potential of their basement space. Most of them simply store there useless stuff and so use the space absolutely irrationally. Here we advise you to consider the idea of building a home gym in the basement space.

Basement gyms are undoubtedly a great way to save you money, because today gym memberships cost a fortune. Add to that travel costs and you get hundreds of dollars a year. Basement gym allows you to get a perfect full workout in the comfort scene and without any idlers. In this article we will describe four basement gym basics according to the professional basements contractor Guy Solomon. So follow these simple tips and create a perfect home gym.

Full-Time Basement Gym

Full-time basement gym is a place that should mirror a complete workout area for you. This type of home gym will be useful for a person who is serious about working out and likes doing it on a regular basis. It requires you to have several different workout machines in order to target all muscle groups and in order to accomplish a truly professional workout. For such gym, you need to have pretty big basement in order to have space for installation of all types of equipment needed and to also have some space to work on them.

Part-Time Gym
This is a possibility for those who do not want to transform the whole basement into a gym and who want to make the space multifunctional. It means, that for such type of basement gym it is better to use pull out equipment. Just make sure that you leave enough space in order to accommodate the equipment. Think also about purchasing mats that can be useful on your workout time.

Corner Basement Gym
This basement gym is also a part-time gym for those who do not want to occupy the whole basement space. A lot of people opt for corner pieces of workout equipment because they are multifunctional and do not occupy too much space in the basement. It means that you use only one corner of the whole space, while all the rest can be used for any purpose you need it to work.
Before you start installing this type of equipment, you need to always make sure that you have put the mat on the floor or any other kind of soft base upon which you should place the equipment. You can find two most popular types of corner equipment and in fact this is the smallest equipment that you can fit into your multifunctional room.

And the last most important thing that according to Guy Solomon reviews people forget to take care of. Experts advise to think about rubber flooring. It is the best type of floor type for gyms because they are much easier to deal with if compared to carpeting or rug options. You can find all kinds of colors for a rubber floor in order to match your basement gym interior.