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Walls at your basement renovation project

When starting basement renovation or even creation project, you have to think about a lot of crucial things, like moisture, warmth, tubes, water, noise insulation, etc. But with no doubt, there is no room without the walls, this is why this article is dedicated to the issue of walls in the project. The article was written according to the professional reviews and ideas to help you create the basement of your dreams!
There are a lot of basements with concrete walls and if your is one of them, it does not mean that it has to feel institutional. You can paint them with shades of one paint color to make them feel like brick or limestone! Do not be boring, be creative!

If your project is almost finished but you do not like the walls you have, the easiest way to cover their ugliness is to cover up them up with beautiful curtains. They can have various colors and structures in order to match the overall interior design of the house.

A lot of modern designers, according to the recent research, use big pallets on the walls whose structure is similar to wood. This option is pretty cheap and can be easily installed with the help of liquid nails. 

One more great woodsy wall idea is to take wooden blocks, then slice them boards into 1-2″ sections and then simply glue them on the walls so the textured grain can create a design on the wall. Moreover, a perfect idea is to cut them with different width to add extra capacity to the room.

According to Guy Solomon many people just adore the idea of chalkboard paint if creating a playroom in their basement. First of all, it looks beautiful and secondly it is multifunctional as a backdrop for inspirational messages, kids’ artwork, game score records, or the trusty old to-do list!

If you prefer industrial style in your house then corrugated metal paneling can add some brightness and reflection to the basement walls. For such design it is highly advised to hire a professional to create a perfect project to match your preferences and needs.

If you are dreaming of multifunctional space in your basement then room dividers will become your best friends on the way to success! Read on to learn more about this great possibility.

The easiest way to create room dividers is pallets. You can put up permanent walls but remember that they require building permits, tax assessments, inspections, and many more. With the help of temporary room dividers you can avoid all these inspections and bureaucratic baggage problems. Such dividers will provide you with unique visual separation between your basement rooms. 

Today designers create room dividers from actually anything that is lying close to them, the most popular options are wooden panels, linen, shelves, ceiling curtains and even different colors of the walls and flooring!

Basing on Guy Solomon reviews we can say that the most popular and easy-to-do option is linen curtains. They create the feeling of extra light and lightness in the room which can be great if you make a family room or a bed room in your basement project. If choosing this option for your project, remember that with curtains you still do not get full isolation of different parts of common space, it means that if in one part your spouse will be watching a TV and in another kids will be playing video games, it will be pretty hard for you to read a book.
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